Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Steam eggs....

Today I try doing this eggs recipe from trial and error.Ilham ni dapat from my colleague Fiona ,I saw her eating this steam eggs with her rice from the chinese stall and she told me how to do it by asking her niece who seem to be good at cooking.

The other day I tried with 2 eggs but not as smooth the texture so today pay more attention to it and alhamdulillah jadi and of course not as plain as the one Fiona had the other day.I try doing it like we do our talam lauk.

I have no idea what to call this recipe so I am going to name it:
Telur kukus berlauk.

You need 6 eggs.

Steaming the eggs.

For garnashing...minced meat,sliced chili,spring onions and fried shallot.

The result just like talam lauk kan?The texture as smooth as silk tofu.

For today I use 6 eggs,break the eggs into a bowl and add water same level as eggs that is 1 to 1.

Add a bit of light soy sauce then beat the eggs mixture with a fork.

Steam in slow fire and when its 3/4 done sprinkle garnishing and steam till done.

Its easy and you can't go wrong......cuba jgn tak cuba:)

till my next recipe.......