Monday, January 14, 2008

Tang Hoon Goreng kak elle ......

Tang hoon or glass noodle as they call it and when I was a child I know we call it sue'oon in malay.The norm in cooking in malay dishes is to add to sayur lodeh and I remember when eating it we the children will slurpppppppp .... hehe...good old days:)

Today let me share with you my new recipe using tanghoon.

You can buy from any shops ask for the loose one which they sell here in sg by the kilo.

Scald with hot water or you can soaked it for half an hour and leave to drain.

Leftover prawns from yesterday nyonya laksa.

Sliced cabbage,cauliflower and carrot.

1 small red onion and 2 garlics sliced finely and cili boh to your taste .... in today's cooking I use 2 tblspoon of it.

1. Fry the ingredients above with some oil till fragrant.
2.Add the prawns,caulifower and carrots and at same time add salt to taste.
3.When the prawns cooked toss in the cabbage and soaked tang hoon and blend well.


you can add any other stuff to your liking eg chicken,beef,fish cake etc .....

The result tanghoon goreng ala kak elle .... oh so yummy:) I had 2 helpings already and maybe later .... hahaha

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Laksa nyonya

Laksa is my favourite either nyonya or johor.Its easy to do when you have all the ingredients in hand.

Things you need to blend or grind

big onions
buah keras
serbuk kunyit
cili boh

udang kering

I use 2 packets of kara santan so the gravy will be thick.

Tumis the grinded ingredients with a bit of oil sampai pecah minyak add in coconut milk and let it boil for a while before adding 4 bowls of water (or suit yourself) try not to make it too watery.

When its boiling add the taupok and switch off the fire....don't want the taupok to overcook as it will get too soft.

Add salt to taste.

You'll need laksa mee and taugeh .... wash and scald with boiling water and drain.

Garnish with boiled eggs,fish cake,prawns and daun kesum/laksa leaves.

a spoonful of cili to make it hotter ..... my cili is just of cili boh fried with oil and a pinch of salt.

A bowl of nyonya laksa .... just the right texture and gravy ... so sedap kan?

till my nest recipe......