Sunday, January 27, 2008

Soto or Mee Soto Ayam

Mee soto is one of my favourite dish and when I cook this I will put plenty of shredded chicken into my bowl:)

As usual I will buy both the mee and lontong so we can have both soto ayam or mee soto.

A simple dish to cook with an hour all done and ready to serve.....

1.Boil 1 chicken with smashed ginger/lemon grass and cinnamon stick.

2.When chicken is cooked remove and shred it.

3.Add sliced onions and garlic to chicken soup along with rempah soto( I always buy kak zah brand).

4. Add salt to taste.

5. Fry the begedil,chopped spring onions and parsley.

6. Blend some cili padi with some sweet black sauce and when done heat it up till boiled.

Soto ayam ......

Mee soto ......

easy rite?so what you waiting for?cepat2 masak soto ok....hahaha

There are plenty of soto(rempah) in the market and so far I am happy with kak zah's brand.