Sunday, April 15, 2007

Taucu Telur

I think everyone knows how to do this easy dish but nevertheless I am putting it up in my dapur for those who don't:)

Main ingredients....big onions,garlic,lemon grass all sliced,red/green chili sliced into 2 chili paste and taucu.
Fried tahu and boiled eggs.

Tadaaaaaaaaaa ....... tahu telur sudah siap pun sedap dimakan dgn nasi panas.
1.Tumis the onions,lemon grass and red/green chilis.
2.Add the chili paste and taucu sampai pecah minyak.
3.Pour in the santan and add 2 cups of water as you need a thick gravy.
4.Add the fried tahu and boiled eggs.
5.To individual taste you may add salt to taste but the taucu itself is saltish enough.

Carrot cake aka Lontong goreng

Ingredients untuk di tumis:crushed garlic,chili giling and sweet sauce.
Carrot cake di-potong dadu......carrot can be bought at any supermart under vegetarian section.
Minced beef (di masak dulu jadi tak berair bila di tumis)and mixed veges.

The result hohoho........ garnish with fried onions and spring onion.
Carrot cake is easy to do and yummy to eat what I have here is my own version so it may differ to those you may know.
1.Tumis the garlic and chili paste
2.Add the minced beef and mixed vege.
3.Toss in the cut carrot cake and mixed well.
4.Add beaten eggs and salt to taste.
5.Pour the sweet sauce and stir well.
6.Garnish with fried shallots and spring onions.