Monday, December 3, 2007

Mee siam

Mee siam is really nice to eat but the thought of doing it aiyoyo leceh ah?
Actaully not really if you put your heart to it:)

For the gravy:-

you need 5-6 garlics..(I don't use onions at all)
5 tablespoon taucu
1/2 cup of dried prawns
1tblspoon cili boh
2-3 asam keping

Blend the ingredients except for the asam keping.
Boil in saucepan with water.
Add the asam keping,sugar and salt to taste.

1 packet of bee hoon soak and fry with

1 big onion
3-4 garlics
2 tblspoon of cili boh
Blend all ingredients


In a wok heat up some oil and fry the blended ingredients till fagrant.
Toss in the taugeh and stri fry before adding the bee hoon.
Salt to taste.
Garnish with chives.

Sambal tumis udang.

1 huge onion
3-4 garlics
1inch blacan
cili boh
asam keping

Blend all ingredients
in saucepan heat up some oil
fry the blended ingredients
add in prawns or it can be plain sambal.
Add asam keping and sugar and salt to taste.

The garnshings
Boiled egss
fried tofu.
Here you are mee siam ala kak elle ...power.....hahaha