Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lemak ketam

I fancy crab masak lemak today and alhamdulillah there were plenty at the market this morning.For these 8 pcs of crabs cost me S$26.00....woo mahal deh!

Ingredients you need to blend are:-

2 big onions

4 garlics

2tablespoon of mixed ketumbar/jintan manis & puteh(yg sudah di grind)

1teaspoon kunyit serbok

cili boh

4 stalks of serai (smashed)

1. Tumis the above ingredients with 3 tablespoon of oil

2. When fragrant add a packet of santan and boil with 1 bowl of water.

3. Add in the crabs and salt to taste and cook till crabs turn red.

This is the cooked ketam masak lemak.....enak di makan bersama nasi panas dan sambal blacan....yummylicious and the kuah I drink it up .... week kena check cholestrol level:)

Cuba ye?