Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ikan bilis goreng cili

Simple to cook for lazy people like me:)

I don't fry my ikan bilis ..... I microwave them

add 1 teaspoon oil and mixed well

time 1.5 minutes and you get a very crispy ikan bilis.

I big onion and 2 garlics sliced and 2 tablespoon cili boh

1. Heat wok with 1 tablespoon oil and fry the onions.

2. Add the cili boh,salt and sugar to taste.

3.Blend in the ikan bilis.

Ikan bils goreng cili sedap di makan senang di masak.

Lemak Nenas

Lemak nenas a family favourite once in a blue moon....for those singles oversea who frequent my blog esp mim in UAE:) ok this is a simple dish to do and I bet you gonna miss your mom's cooking.....hehehe

Ingredients you need:



red cili

dried prawns

tumeric powder

1. Blend the ingredients.

1 pineapple and sliced to smaller pieces

1 pkt santan

1.Boil the grinded ingredients with glassful of water and santan.

2. Add the cut pineapples an boil till the pineapple soft.

3. Salt to taste.

The result ....... lauk lemak nenas.....

Can be eaten with hot rice along with the followings.......

Ikan bilis goreng cili.

Ikan kering goreng.....

And of course sambal blacan ....... so yummylicious ........