Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tahu goreng .....

Another dish to add to my berbuka puasa today.

Bought this instant sambal kacang for first time to try.

Add hot water and squeeze of limes.

Fried tofu,tauge and cucumber.

Tahu goreng and the sambal kacang not bad I give 4****

till my next entry...............

Sago gula melaka .....

Sago with gula melaka .... actually if you wrap it with daun pisang you call them abok-abok.
I just do it this way simple and easy.

Sago pre-wash and set to dry

Add a packet of kelapa parut straight from the packet.
A pinch of salt untuk melemak kan.

Gula melaka

I steam it in a bowl first layer of mixed sago and coconut and 2nd layer of gula melaka.

Top layer of sago and coconut.

Steam for half an hour.

My result sago gula melaka berlapis.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sambal Goreng

Sabal goreng to me is this but I just learn that in malaysia its called sambal goreng jawa ... wonder why?hanya orang jawa sahja yg masak ni ke?

A very yummy dish but lot of work to prepare but once you are organised its actually easy and simple

What you need:-
This is step by step so you won't go wrong if in doubt call me ..... hehehe

Sliced 4-5 garlics
1inch lengkuas
3-4 serai
5 red chilis
blacan will be used later

Fry your tofu and tempeh first and put aside to cool.

Prawns all cleaned.....

Long beans also sliced.

In a frying wok heat up 3tblspoon of oil and tumis the sliced ingredients.
Add 2 tablespoon cili,2tblspoon fried shallots(for those who are cili queens can add more cili).
Tumis till fragrant add in the blacan (mixed with a bit of santan)
Stir in the prawns and long beans.

Squeezed the asam with some santan too ..... cook for few minutes.
Add the fried tofu and tempeh.

Pour a about 1 tablespoon of santan and a bit of water.
Add salt and sugar to taste.

Your sambal goreng will look like this .... best with hot rice or like me sometimes I eat with bread.

To Sya if you are reading this ni recipe nya .... senangkan?

till my next recipe..........