Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ayam cili padi ....

Ayam cili padi ala kakelle style....

First of all thank you cikmilah for this award .... nowadays my dapur will fuction as and when only as I'll be eating alone.Since bapak passed away last month kitchen activity came to a standstill.

Maklang I am sharing this with you please put it up at your dapur ye:)

For the recipe of my version ayam cili padi.

1 big onion
3-4 garlic
10 cili padi
1 green cili
1inch lengkuas
2 serai + 2 more serai di titik.
1/2 inch blacan

Grind all ingredients and add 1 teaspoon kunyi powder.

Tumis the grinded ingredients with 3 tablspoon of oil.

Add the 2 serai-smashed,2 pcs asam keping and line kafir leaves.

When fragrant and pecah minyak add in the 1 chicken blending well.

Stir with 1 cupful of water and add in the cut potatoes and carrots.

When half boil add the santan and stir well.

Salt to taste and cook till chicken is tender.

My version of ayam lemak cili padi.

These bergedil were made last week and kept in the freezer and it goes well with the ayam cili padi and hot steaming rice.
Happy cooking.