Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rendang Ayam Mak...

This recipe is from my arwah mak it was a premonition I think that weeks before she left us for good I ask her for some of her recipes and rendang ayam was top on the list.It takes long to cook but the ingredients are so simple and it has been the children's favourite:)
1chicken cut into 12 portions.
3 big onions
4 garlics
4 stalks serai
1 inch lengkuas
chili giling
asam keping x 2
daun limau purut
1 packet santan
1. Blend the main ingredients
Tumis and add chili giling as desired .... yg kuat pedas lebihkan chili.
2.Add in 1 pkt of santan(regardless of brand but I normally use kara).
3.Toss in the chicken and stir well.
4.Add 1 soup bowl of water.
5.Add the asam keping,daun limau and salt to taste.
6.Simmer till gravy thicken and lower the fire.
It will take abt an hour for a good thick gravy.

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