Sunday, April 1, 2007

Black Pepper Beef & Sotong Goreng Kunyit.


You will need.
big onions cut into rounds
kunyit powder
cili giling

Sotong cut into rings.
salt to taste.

1.Heat up some oil and tumis the ingredients.
2.Add in the sotong and cook till tender.
3.Salt to taste.



1 kg Beef sliced thinly.

1big onion
3 garlic
black pepper sauce
grind them together.

red/green capsicum.
black pepper-crushed.
3tablespoon black pepper sauce.

1.Heat about 3 tablespoon of oil and tumis the grinded onions and garlic.
2.Stir in the black pepper sauce stir till fragrant.
3.Add in the beef and 1 cup of water.
4.Close lid and simmerfor about half an hour.
5.Add the crushed black pepper and salt to taste.
6.When beef almost cook then add the sliced green /red capsicum.

The 2 above recipes are my own creations after a few trials and errors to make it taste better.
If you are cili queens then of course you can add more green pepper or perhaps even cili padi.....olala.....I for one can't take hot stuff....too pedas I will sweat like hell....haha.

Give it a try and do feed back to me.


SempoiSerius said...

Kak selalu buat black pepper beef ni...selali letak halia banyak2 sedap tau..trylaa

Kak Elle said...


terima kasih tapi kalau I buat ginger beef mmg guna banyak halia.