Sunday, April 8, 2007

Crispy chicken berlada

BERLADA a very easy and simple dish to make withing minutes like most of my dishes for lazy people like me:)

Fresh red chilies,garlic and fried shallots(bawang merah kechil)
Frozen crispy chicken or you can also do it with fried fish,prawns and fried chicken. Blend the chilis and garlic..and for those chili queens you can add a bit of chili padi.

Fry the ingredients with a bit of oil for couple of minutes then add in the fried shallots and salt to taste.When thickens toss in the crispy chickens.
The results walaaaaaa.....sedap di makan.

Cooked this dish last nite while doing my no ending homework.Took a break at 8.00pm to shower and do the necessaries and finally had this for dinner with leftover rice.This is to fill my engine to continue with the homework till midnight.

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