Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kuih cara berlauk

Kuih cara berlauk is one of my favourite savories without fail during ramadhan I must buy them for iftar and I always have passioned for it.
I have never tried making them myself until I saw it at Qoth website not along ago and she even put an N3 of the recipe .... thank you queen but alas I did it using the kuih cara bergula recipe that I have.

What you need for garnishing ..... cut chilis,cut spring/celery and fried shallot.

Minced beef thats been stir-fried with a bit salt and pepper.

The batter mixture:

2 cups of flour.
2 eggs
3 cups of santan (if you prefer it to be softer add another halfcup)
pinch of salt

tiny wee bit yellow colouring.

put all ingredients in a blender and blend for 5 minutes.

Cara mould to heated first on stove with slow flame.Brush the mould with oil before putting the batter.

Garnish the kuih cara with the prepared ingredients and close the lit for 5-6 minutes.

Violaaaaaaaaa done and ready to eat ..... yummylicious!!

Makes about 50 plus depend on how much you fill the mould.

ok its easy to do so next when one of the siblings has function I will do these and surprise them ..... haha.....


Zakiah said...

kak elle, saya nak tanya yang kulit pie tee tu ada jual kat mana ek??? tak pernah jumpa pulak. Kat sini mmg sah sah ler takder.

Kak Elle said...

zakiah bolih di beli di kedai kepunyaan nyonya&baba...di katong byk.Tapi if are here in sg bolih beli di Cold Storage at Takasyimaya.

ieka said...

assalamualaikum kak elle, ieka nak tanya camna kak elle masukkan lagu dalam blog kak elle? tima kaceh!

Kak Elle said...

Malaikum salam ieka:)
senang aje u go to
select your song copy and paste kat your template.