Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kuih Pie-Tee

Today I am sharing the recipe with you and if you do have other ways of doing it do share it with me.

You will need:
1.chinese turnip ( sengkuang)
the 2 above items to be grated finely.
2.onions,garlics,dry prawns and a 2 teaspoon of tauchu
to be blended to fine paste.
3. Tumis above ingredients with 2 tablespoon oil
addin the grated carrots and turnips.
Do not add salt as the dry prawns and tauchu is already salty enough.
4.Garnish with prawns and celery.
Optional for children I did eggs with mayo.
Just boil 2 eggs and mashed with a teaspoon of mayo.
easy to do and no mess....give it a try ok?

till my next recipe

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