Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Elle's fried rice

Fried rice aka nasi goreng ala kak elle's:)

I have left over rice from yesterday and since I manage to come home at 6.30pm the easiest to cook is this fried rice ..... main campak2 aje.

garlic and shallot sliced thinly with half a inch of ginger

fry with a bit of oil and add in chopped chicken pieces along with mixed veges.
add pepper and salt and finally toss in the rice and stir well.

Salt to taste and 1 teaspoon of sweet soya sauce.

garnish with fried shallot and red cilis.


This is frozen dim-sum I bought last week and my mouth just itching to have it inspite of having cooking the fried rice.

till my next recipe......


Lina said...

Kak Elle,

I don't have ur email add so I tempek recipe pulut serimuka kat sini hehehe :-

1kati pulut (600gms)
1½ grated coconut
1 cup water
1tsp salt
Banana leaves

Ingredients for Green Layer
4 eggs
4 oz castor sugar
1.5 cups coconut grated
1 cup water
½ cup tapioca floor
½ cup rice flour
14 pandan leaves

Prepare the pulut layer. Squeeze grated coconutfor first santan. Add water and squeeze for second santan. Add salt to the second santan.
Wash rice and drain off water. Mix second santan with rice.
Prepare steamer and line steam tray with banana leaves. Spread the rice evenly on the tray and steam for 20-30mins. Add the first santan and steam for 20-30 mins.
Oil an 11 inch round cake tin and put the rice in it, Press the rice down with a wooden spoon so that the rice is even and compact.
Prepare the green layer. Squeeze grated coconut for first santan. Add water and squeeze for second santan.
Pound/ blend pandan leaves and squeeze out juice.
Stir sugar and eggs in saucepan. Add first santan and mix well.
Mix the tapioca flour with the rice flour. Add second santan and pandan juice. Add this mixture in the saucepan. Cook over slow heat, stirring constantly till mixture thickens.
Pour mixture over cooked rice and level with a wooden spoon. Steam for about 30 mins. Until cooked.
Allow to cool if possible over night. When complete cooled, cut up and serve

Kak Elle said...

lina thanx bolih guna santan packet rite...dah lama tak guna kelapa parut dik oi.

Lina said...

Kak Elle,

I guna santan Kara ja. Tak yah nak perah2 santan leceh heheh. Selamat mencuba :-)

I Cook4Fun said...

Pandai Cik Elle masak. I am going to try lots of your recipe. Semua nampak really sedap.

Kak Elle said...

icook4fun you are most welcome to try..its just a simple cooking org malas:)