Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Su'uun goreng ...

Crushed garlic

Chicken sliced thinly

Soaked dried prawns

Sliced mushroom.. soaked for half an hour..

Tanghoon or su'uun soaked in boiling water till soft ...
Fry the garlic with oil.
Add in dried prawns and mushroom till fragrant then add the chicken.
Salt and pepper to taste.
When chicken is cooked add the tanghoon and fry well.

Garnish with fried shallots and spring onion before serving.


Noodlegirl said...


I came across your blog through another blogger and let me tell you I totally love your blog! I used to live in
Singapore then Hawaii now Oregon temporary and i soooooo miss my asian food as Oregon doesn't have real asian food. Hopefully I will try to make something from your site one day instead of just drooling!

Kak Elle said...


Thank you for visiting me here and do try some of the simple recipes ya?

You do have oriental or vietnamese supermart rite?

My sis live in Houston and I've been to the the asian supermart where you can find lots of our local goods.