Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sambal tumis sotong kering

You will need:-

For a1.5kg of sotong kembang(joo-her)....clean and cut to size to your choice.
Boil till tender,toss and keep till you want to cook them.

3 big onions
5-6 garlics
1.5 ins blacan
chili boh

1.Blend the above ingredients.
2.Heat up the pan with 3 tablespoon oil to tumis the chili paste.
3.Add the prepared boiled sotong and 2 pices of asam keping.
4.When almost thicken add in brown sugar/cane sugar and salt to taste.
5. Simmer with slow fire till really thicken the chili.

Try cooking it its good with nasi lemak or plain rice or with pratha and bread.


maklang said...

sedap nampaknya tapi i tak pandai nak buat kulit dialaaa....

Anonymous said...

apa itu chili boh?