Sunday, November 25, 2007

Prawn fried in curry

Prawns fried in curry paste is also simple to do.

Prawns all cleaned.

Main ingredients

red/green cili sliced.

1 big onion sliced

2-3 garlic sliced

3tablespoon seafood curry powder

curry leaves.

Some sliced tomatoes.

Heat the wok with 2 tablespoon of oil

Tumis all ingredients and add the curry paste.

When fragrant stir in the prawns lower the heat till prawns cook.

Add salt to taste and the sliced tomatoes.

You only need 10 minutes to cook the prawns.

Can be eaten with hot rice.


Wiz said...

Oh no kak Elle, prawns lagi. You are testing me here. Maybe I can do a prawn tasting cupcake for you one day?!? A savoury cupcake kan. Bet you'd love it.

Kak Elle said...


hehehe ... sori eh you allergic to prawns.

haha....prawns cupcake!!
I was thinking of doing kuih cara prawns actually something lain dari yg lain.

Azian Hasan said...

Sedapnya prawn masak macam ni..ratah aje pun best kan...thanks for the recipe.

Kak Elle said...


mmg sedap bolih jilat jari...hehehe

CikLilyPutih said...

k elle
cilok sket resipi prawn nie